Headliners, "the school of stars" ran by world renownd Steve and Yvonne Dunn


She's Got Me Dancing
by Siobhan Dunn - Novice Fun Linedance (Taught at German Championships 2011)

Down With the Trumpets
by Linus Backstrom - Novice Fun Reggae Linedance (Taught at German Championships 2011)

Star Trek'n
by Headliners - Intermediate ABC Novelty Linedance (World Champion in choreography 2010)

by Headliners - Novice/Intermediate Novelty Linedance

by Yvonne Dunn - Novice WCS Linedance

Love Story
by Yvonne Dunn - Star Rhumba Linedance

Tribal Dance
by Siobhan Dunn - Advanced Novelty Linedance

It Never Would Have Worked
by Yvonne Dunn - Advanced Polka Linedance

Not In Love
by Yvonne Dunn - Social Novelty/Fun Linedance

Little Plastic Friends
by Samantha Young & Siobhan Dunn - Partner Dance Triple 2 Step

Take It To The Limit
by Joe & Gillian Armstrong - Intermediate Waltz Linedance

I Can't Stand The Rain
by Yvonne Dunn - Star WCS Linedance

by Yvonne & Sionhan Dunn, James Mclauchlan - Advanced WCS Linedance

BB Polka
by Yvonne Dunn & Cheryl Poulter - Intermediate Polka Linedance